We recently posted an article on Facebook about the abuse a breastfeeding mum in public suffered and it gained an overwhelming response from you. The benefits of breastfeeding are well documented and here at Brastop we fully support Mums who choose to breastfeed wherever they want! Being all things bra-related, we want to show our support by shedding some light on something that can aid the breastfeeding process – nursing bras.

For those of you who do decide to breastfeed, getting yourself a great nursing bra is definitely a must. And it gives you an excuse to shop for more lingerie!

Nursing bras have gained a rep in the past of being quite unflattering and not the prettiest of things but all that has changed in recently years, as they’ve become more of an item you want to show off than hide away.

One of the main elements that have changed people’s perception would definitely be the style. They are now considered more of a fashionable item due to the range of designs that are available. Take the Panache Sophie Nursing Bra for instance. The all over lace design is super pretty, making it feel like it's part of your regular bra collection. Women want to feel like themselves when they’ve just had a baby, as well as being comfortable whilst breastfeeding, so it makes sense this is the design direction they’ve now taken.

Some of our favourite fashionable D+ nursing bra styles include:

Panache Sophie Lace Nursing Bra BlackPanache Sophie in Black

projectme hot milk plum nursing bra
ProjectMe by Hot Milk Ambition in Plum


Another quite important element is the metal underwiring. There is a possibility that it can interfere with the milk ducts therefore a new plastic flexi-wire is more commonly used now to combat this. Again, this is another comfort element because it’s not as harsh as metal wiring.

There are also a number of variations in swings today to provide different levels of support compared to what you used to get with your bog-standard nursing bras. This is great too as women are likely to experience fluctuation in sizes between being pregnant and breast feeding.

Nursing bras as well as serving their purpose now look and feel great. So if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding mum, we hope you have found a bra that works best for you. And if not, we stock a great selection that fit in seamlessly with our other non-nursing styles!

panache eleanor moulded underwired nursing braPanache Eleanor Underwired Nursing Bra

project me hotmilk warrior nursing bra
Project Me by Hot Milk Warrior Flexi-Wire Nursing Bra

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