Do you find that your bra straps are constantly falling down and you don’t know why? It’s pretty annoying isn’t it? No matter how tight you do them up, those suckers just keep on sliding down. Well, we may know why and hopefully have some fool-proof solutions to keep those straps firmly in place all day long.

The very first thing you should check when looking into why your bra straps fall down is how tight they are. Your bra straps should be tightened to a two finger tension, any more and it could seriously hurt your shoulders by the end of the day. Any less and they’ll definitely by round by your elbows before you’ve even left the house.

bra fitting band test 80:20 rule

I’m sure you’re all aware of the 80:20 rule by now – your back band should be doing 80% of the work and your straps should do 20%. Some of you may be hoicking the straps up tight in the hope it’ll keep your boobs in place as well as keeping your straps from falling down but this doesn’t always work. If you wear a bra extender, this could be the culprit. When you use a bra extender you’re adding extra length to the back band which moves the straps further out across your shoulders. This means they’re more likely to slip down. Consider going up a back band and down in the cup (see our post on bra sister sizes here for more info) as it’ll give you the extension in the back you’re looking for whilst still maintaining the same cup volume.

If your cup size is too big, this can be a massive indicator as to why your straps keep falling down too. If you have an empty space at the top of your bra so it’s not completely filled, the straps are more likely to fall because your boobs aren’t holding them up. The swoop and scoop technique is crucial in making sure all of your breast tissue is completely in the cup. If you do this and there is still gaping, get yourself fitted. Once you’ve done this and your straps are adjusted correctly, they should stay put.

Sometimes, the bra style may be to blame. Different manufacturers have different ways of making their bras and certain ones just may not work for you. If you have one particular bra you find the straps always fall down in, then that could be your answer so you may have to say goodbye to it. If you have sloping shoulders or are quite narrow across the chest, wide set straps tend to be a no-go. It’s all about knowing your body and breast shape and what suits you when buying your bras.

bra strap accessories braza magic clip

If you have a bra that you just LOVE and the only thing wrong is that the straps are just too far apart for your frame, you could try using an accessory designed to hold the straps together at the back, like the ones above.

We shouldn’t have to deal with bra strap faff in our busy lives. Any of the above should give some relief so you can now go about your day-to-day without the bra strap worry! Have you experienced slipping bra straps and know a different way to fix it? Drop us a line in the comments or @brastop on social.

Grace x

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