V-day is here for another year but this year we’re all about US. Valentine’s isn’t just about pleasing your partner anymore, it’s about making sure you’re your own Number 1 and what better way than with a gorgeous set of lingerie? We asked some of our Brastop Babes to tell us why they love a good set of lingerie, and why they’re focusing on them this Valentine’s Day. See what they said below, and maybe treat yourself to one of their gorgeous sets because babe, you’re SO worth it 💘

lingeriemama full bust Scantilly Peek a Boo Lace Black


Lingerie has given me a new lease of life, a confidence I could never have dreamed of 5 years ago. There’s nothing like dressing up and feeling sexy for yourself or wearing matching undies, knowing just how powerful you are. You don’t need anyone else to see how incredible you look because YOU, you know.

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FairyBoobMother Scantilly Encounter lingerie fuller bust plus size


I rarely buy lingerie "for my husband" and Valentine's day is no exception. Good lingerie makes me feel confident, sexy and beautiful. It's wasted on him.. I'm more likely to send pictures of me in it to my girls because they appreciate the joy of good knickers as much as I do!

Linzi wears Scantilly Encounter, shop the set here!

confessions_of_a_gcup Scantilly Heart Throb fuller bust lingerie

Confessions of a G Cup

Where do I even begin to explain how lingerie makes me feel...Wearing matching lingerie makes me feel confident - if I was hit by a bus and they had to cut my clothes off I’m certain the doctors would think I’ve got my life together.

In all honesty lingerie has made me feel more confident, in my body, in the way I present myself and the way I love myself. Throwing on a set of lingerie gives me a pop in my step, makes me feel confident and sexy.

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ana_houghton Curvy Kate Vixen Black fuller bust lingerie


I choose my lingerie because it makes ME feel beautiful, confident and empowered and that doesn’t change just because it’s Valentine’s Day! If my other half likes it then that’s a bonus. This year I’ve gifted myself to a new set (or two!) because I love me.

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thelingerieprincess scantilly unleash leather pvc sexy dd+ full bust bra


I’ve always loved lingerie for the way it makes ME feel. It’s nice to put on a matching set, and it’s just a bonus that there may be someone else who appreciates it too! Though that being said, while my partner may enjoy the aesthetics of a beautiful set, it’s me who appreciates the perfect fit and support and when I buy a new set I ultimately choose it for me.

Having a beautiful set under my day to day outfits – whether it’s a fancy dress or an occasion or date night, or just my jumper and leggings to lounge around in – really lifts my mood and makes me feel like I can conquer the world and gives me a confidence I never knew I could have and that's why this Valentine's I'm loving myself and treating my curves to a new set of undies!

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mylingerieloves Curvy Kate Victory Blue fuller bust lingerie


I’m celebrating me this Valentine’s because as the old saying goes, Self Love starts with you. Finding the right lingerie that is the perfect fit for my bust and shape makes me feel like a Vixen.

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Lauren_Dungey scantilly surrender black dd+ cup fuller bust bra


This Valentines I’m focusing on love, but love for me. Self love is the hardest, but one of the strongest loves. It’s a long road that has its ups and downs like any relationship but on the good days it’s so good. Underwear has been a massive part of my self love journey. When I put on a properly fitted, matching set of pretty underwear, and I take a look in the mirror, I think yes girl! That’s when I know it’s going to be a good day. This valentines I’m treating myself to a yes girl moment.

Lauren wears Scantilly Surrender, shop her look here!

lovingmywatermelons Scantilly Surrender Red fuller bust sexy lingerie


Wearing lingerie at Valentines make me feel free, makes me feel happy and fulfilled, and so strong that I can achieve anything I want. This is why this Valentines I am loving myself, I'm buying myself a bottle of wine, some chocolates and strawberries and I am going to wear my favourite set of lingerie. I am going to do one of the most amazing things I can do in my life: I will be with myself and loving myself!

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How are you celebrating yourself this Valentine's Day?


LJ x

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