The battle between underwired bras and non-wired bras has been the talk of the lingerie world for years now, so I thought why not put our two pence in?

Underwired Bras

  • Provide the ultimate support and lift for your boobs - the underwire helps to hold up everything you've got to offer and helps to avoid back or shoulder pain.
  • Come in many different styles and colours - due to wired bras being the most popular choice in lingerie, there is such a huge array of colours and styles to make sure there is something for everyone.
  • Larger sizes benefit from the shaping quality - the underwire also helps to shape the breast, separating them, avoiding the 'mono boob' look.
  • Should be super comfortable - thanks to modern day technology bringing us flexible wires, your wired bra should always be pretty comfortable, you shouldn't be able to feel the wires and if you do, then it's more than likely that you're wearing the wrong size or style for you. Check out our fitting guide to make sure you've got the right size.

Non-Wired Bras

  • Usually focus more on comfort - non wired bras are usually more of a comfort thing, although they do provide lift and support, but in a a less dramatic fashion.
  • More gentle on the skin - wire free bras are usually much softer for our skin, they are usually made from cotton so it's basically a haven for our boobs.
  • New revolutionary technology - again, thanks to modern day technology there are new materials out there that can make non wired bras much more supportive than they used to be.
  • Unusual for the centre gore to sit flat against the chest - because the cups don't have a wire to separate your goods, this makes them squish together which is not too hygienic for larger busted ladies!

So, what does all that mean? Which is better?

Really, it depends on your age and size. For teens who are just starting to sprout, a non-wired bra would be much more comfortable while they are growing, changing size and a little bit tender. They would also be perfect for mature ladies, purely for comfort reasons.

Although we mentioned that fab revolutionary technology that non wired bras now have, it must be said that for anyone larger than a D cup, this technology is still not going to be quite enough (sigh!). A wired bra will provide you with so much more lift and support and like we said before, if you find them unbearable to wear, then it's probably because you're wearing the wrong size!

Do you wear non wired bras? Let us know! We'd love to hear your opinion!

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