Hands up who saw the following article on The Daily Mail website?

breast reduction daily mail news article

The article (which you can read here) discusses a new and potentially revolutionary procedure known as 'Microlipo' which could offer an alternative to traditional breast reduction surgery, officially known as reduction mammoplasty. It's an interesting read, so head on over to the website to read in depth all about the procedure and a case study courtesy of Claire O'Keefe.

Breast reduction is something I've been considering blogging about for quite some time and the article seemed like a good opportunity to get the ball rolling. It's a tricky subject, to say the least, so I've been tip-toeing around it, thinking "when I should throw caution to the wind and start my little investigation into the big wide and slightly hush-hush world of breast reduction?"

Because, lets face it, if there's one subject that gets us busty lot talking, reduction is it. Everyone has an opinion on the drastic and brutally expensive surgery but few of us have experienced it, whether personally or via someone we know. Still, it rattles our cages for reasons unknown.

But what is it about breast reductions that gets us all so riled up?

As far as I can see, it's one of the last taboo's when it comes to boobs and it's a subject which is often approached with such trepidation that it often goes ignored completely. But why is that? Surely it's a personal and private matter? Or a situation we can try and empathise with and offer support (mostly in the form of kind words, tea and cuddles).

There seems to be a bit of an attitude amongst the curvy set that we should be proud of what we've got (which we mostly are) and not want to change what we've been blessed with. And whilst I agree that this pride is a healthy and welcome step in the right direction as far as body confidence goes, this thought process isn't always the case. As we all know, the implications of a bigger bust range far and wide and sometimes that can just be too much for some, and although surgery is an extreme and often end-of-the-tether option, sometimes - for the individual - it's a necessary choice. Whether it's for health (both mental and physical) reasons or not, those who go ahead with breast reductions can sometimes be vilified for their decision, which is certainly not right.

I want to explore both sides of breast reduction - the for and against - and everything between because a quick Google search was uninspiring at best. It's about time we stopped pussy footing around the controversial surgery and looked a little deeper...

brastop models

Does anyone here remember Brastop model Emma Tabor? She won Brastop's first ever Star in a Bra (the same year as Rebecca Guthrie and current Curvy Kate model Laura Butler) but recently underwent a breast reduction. Whilst this may seem shocking (considering she entered and won a competition based on her curves) Emma obviously felt it was the right decision for her, and without spoiling any further blog posts, I interviewed Emma all about her experience, the choice she made and what she has to say on the subject. So watch this space!

Here at Brastop we think everyone should be proud of their bodies - as long as they're happy and healthy, whether that includes surgery or not. Breast reduction is something we haven't touched upon before but it's one subject we'll be looking into more and more, starting with the brilliant Emma and her interview. Keep checking back for updates and to see how our investigation goes...

Whatever your thoughts, let us know.

Have you had a breast reduction, or considered one? Or are you adamantly against them? Maybe you work in the health profession (we're certainly don't!) and have something to say about them We want to hear from you. Leave us a comment, we'd love to hear what you have to say on the subject.

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