Hands up who’s obsessed with Marie Kondo right now? 🙋 We’ve organised our entire homes from top to bottom, and YES that includes our lingerie drawers! The decluttering has left us feeling lighter and much less stressed, and we’ve culled our lingerie to include things that only make us truly happy and bring us joy. No longer are we digging through piles of unorganised knickers and bras, but we’re living our best lives in matching sets every single day. Yass!

So, how should you KonMari your lingerie? We’ll take you through the steps to getting your intimates drawer on track to bringing you joy.

First up, get fitted! Make sure you’re confident of your bra size, and know what works for you. There’s no point sorting out your smalls if they don’t even fit you anymore. Follow our handy bra fit tips here or get in touch with us if you’re stuck and we’ll help you find your perfect fit.

marie kondo lingerie bra fit


Once you’ve got that part out of the way, it’s time to declutter. If it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it! Try your bras on as you go to determine their fit. If it doesn’t fit (and hasn’t fit within the last 6 months) and you’re holding onto it in the hopes that one day you’ll be able to wear it again? Nope. Say bye-bye! Does it make you sad looking at it, all faded and barely held together by some straggly threads and a wire threatening to poke through any second? Get rid of it. Don’t hold back here, make a pile of bras that are still in a wearable condition (or if you’re like us bra-hoarders, still with the tags on…), and a separate pile of bras that have no life left in them.

marie kondo broken bra


So now you’ve culled your collection, you need to figure out how to store your bras and knickers. The best ways to do this can be found in our lingerie care and storage guide, but the key point here is to make sure you never fold your padded or moulded bras. Some of our fave ways to store our lingerie is organised by set, colour or brand, or in categories like every day and fancy. For your bras, stack them on top of each other with the hooks and straps tucked behind. Fold the matching knickers and keep them in the cups, or in a line alongside the bras. Non-padded bras can be folded in half, but be careful not to let the hooks snag on any delicate lace. Invest in some drawer dividers to keep them fully Marie Kondo-d!

konmari fold knickers marie kondo method


Here’s how mine turned out:

KonMarie lingerie messy drawer before
after konmari tidy organised lingerie drawer


Okay, you’ve gone through and de-cluttered your lingerie and it’s now stored all nice and neatly in your drawers – what can you do with the bras you no longer need? Depending on their condition, there are a few things you could do. Anything that is lightly worn or still new can be donated, and if you really can't bare to part with it, you can always try upcycling it into a plant pot!

A lot of charity shops may not take bras without tags, so have a look for your local Bra Bank or even see if it’s something you could put in place in your office (we’ve got one here at Brastop HQ!). There’s also Smalls For All, a great charity who distribute wearable bras to those who need them in Africa. Both of these organisations will take well-worn bras too, recycling the fabrics and components to raise money for good causes.

happy marie kondo afterwards


Will you KonMari your lingerie? Let us know how you store yours in the comments below or over on social @Brastop.

LJ x

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