Today I'll be reviewing the Gossard Glossies bra in white.

My Size: 30F, Thong: Small

Gossard Glossies sheer plunge bra review 30F


I was eager to try the Glossies bra but had read and heard from so many bloggers that the cups ran quite large, so I decided to take the risk and go for a 30F rather than my usual 30FF and I'm glad I did as the F cup fit me perfectly. I think because also this is a full cup bra, you don't want to end up with wrinkling in the cups, so I would definitely consider a cup size down.

When putting the bra on for the first time, I found myself going straight to the tightest hook, as I feel the back is a little bit roomy. I would have liked to have tried a 28" back in this style but unfortunately it only starts at a 30". However that being said, with the back on the tightest hook and my decision to go down a cup size, I felt like I had a very good fit with the Glossies! 3/5


Literally the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. The bra is so soft and seems to mould to your shape and move with you. Fabulous! 5/5


I went for the white as summer is coming up and I was in desperate need of a white bra. However, when I say this is sheer, I mean SHEER. These bras don't leave anything to the imagination!

I can't speak for all the colours, as I'm sure the others like the black one are slightly better with the sheerness but the white is definitely one to reconsider if you prefer your nipples not to be on show!

Personally this isn't something that bothers me, but what I did dislike, was the fact that when I tried my white silk camisole over this bra, you could still see nipples even through the top. It is fine however underneath thicker fabrics. 3/5


Everyday wear definitely. It gives a very relaxed shape which is somewhat minimised. It doesn't give a cleavage at all and it doesn't give that va-va-voom uplift that some bras can, but this is why I love it, it is important to have bras that all give a different shape.

It is a nice bra to choose when I don't want to have to think about my boobs! The Glossies range are all so smooth too and they have the most beautiful sheen to them. 5/5


I went for the thong in a small. It fit perfectly and it's the sort of material that doesn't cut into your sides. Perfect! 5/5


Overall a roomy bra. Consider going down a cup size and if you are in between back sizes, go for the smaller size.

I would recommend the Glossies range to anyone who wants a simple, everyday, full cup bra, with a minimising but uplifting effect. Fans of Fantasie's Esme bra will love this bra as it gives a very similar shape. 5/5

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