We all know lingerie didn’t just appear out of thin air. Ladies undergarments have evolved crazy amounts over time and we just wanted to take a look back at some of lingerie’s blasts from the past. Ladies underwear back in the day had three main purposes – to preserve modesty, maintain good hygiene and to create different shapes and silhouettes. While men had it easy, ladies in the Victorian era were wearing rib-crushing corsets to get that unachievable miniature waist, and crinolines and petticoats that weighed down heavy on their hip bones. Ladies have been through the ringer when it comes to what’s worn underneath and we feel like we should give some love to what’s helped shape lingerie today. It’s also super interesting to see.

1920’s was the era of the flapper – it involved a lot of satin pieces, including slip dresses to long loose skirts. After the restricting Victorian period, ladies were allowed a bit of freedom in almost boyish loose fitting undergarments. However those with a larger bust found it hard to achieve this boyish look, so resorted to bandaging up their boobs!

1920's Lingerie

1920's Satin Ensembles

1950’s - by this time we had the introduction of the more widely known bra shape. In keeping with the glamorous nature of the time, adverts started to appear more and more for underwear, showcasing the oh-so-trendy cone bra that we all refer to as the ‘Madonna bra.’

1950's Lingerie

1950's Cone Bras

The 1970’s saw the return of satins with long slip nighties with lace detailing. It’s not surprising to see these loose fitting shapes, especially after the bra-burning decade of the 60’s.

1970's Lingerie

1970's Slips & Bodies

It’s surprising to see what’s actually come back into fashion. The bras from the 1930’s make an uncanny resemblance to that of the noughties and what was worn in the 1915’s very much looks like a playsuit/jumpsuit which are all the rage now!

Looking back, we love seeing how we’ve come to the bra shapes and styles we have now. We celebrate these by having a diverse range of brands at Brastop, all with an individual style. We can only wonder what the next 100 years will bring to the industry! 3D printed bras could be as casual as waking up in the morning – who knows?

What’s your favourite underwear trend from the past? Or have you ever thought about how the bras of today evolved? Or what’s to come next for underwear in general? Drop us a Tweet or Facebook message with your thoughts!

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