Knowing your boobs and what bras work best for them is one thing, but knowing the terminology that goes along with these is just as important. Knowing these terms can help you when trying to find bras that work for you. With that being said, we’ve put together some definitions of commonly used terminology to give you a helping hand.

Full on top/FOT

This is referring to how much breast tissue there is towards the upper part of your breast. If you’re fuller on top, you’ll tend to see much more of a fuller cleavage with most bra styles. Everything tends to work for you, especially plunges for that extra boobilicious look.

Full on Bottom/FOB

This is quite a common one for bigger boobs as its normal for bigger/heavier boobs to fill out the bottom half of the breast more. Styles such as the Curvy Kate Ritzy are perfect for this breast type as it gives an incredible shelf lift, bringing everything to the top more.

Inner sling

This may be one that you don’t hear as often. This is an internal piece of stiff support fabric sewn inside the cup or incorporated into the design of the cups. A support sling acts as a hammock that’s sewn in along the bottom and sides of the cups to give additional support to your boobs. It’s generally a vertical panel placed along the arm edge of the bra cup.

Moisture wicking

Moisture wicking is a particular type of fabric that draws moisture away from the skin, to reduce the chance of irritation. It’s a term generally used when talking about sports bras as this is when you’re more likely to sweat.


More commonly known as chicken fillets – these are removable pads that you can add to the bottom of your bra to help push up or create fullness, and can be made from silicone or foam.

High Apex

The apex refers to the part of the bra where the straps join the cup. When it’s higher, it gives the effect of a triangle-shaped cup. This particular style of bra is right on trend, and looks great peeking out of tops.

Racer back

A racer back bra is where the straps of the bra are anchored towards the centre of the back, either permanently or through the use of a J clip to hook the straps together. These can be worn to hide straps in different style tops.

These terms aren’t just great for us women, but for men too! If they know the styles you like or your boob shape, it makes treating you to a little lingerie surprise even easier, so get them involved too! Unsure of a term you’ve heard that we haven’t mentioned? Pop it in the comments below and we’ll do our best to explain it.

Grace x

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