We talk a lot about wearing brighter coloured lingerie in the summer and darker, more autumnal colours in the winter but have you ever considered that wearing these colours can affect your day? If you’ve been feeling rather lacklustre recently and blaming our particularly British Summer we’ve been having, you could be wrong. It in fact could all be down to your underwear, and here’s why…

Anjel O’Bryant, a colour-response analyst (what a cool job!) says the colour of the garments you choose will have an effect on your mood and energy, even if you’re the only one to see them. ‘Every colour vibrates at different levels. It goes through your skin, over your whole body and into your brain.’ Sounds pretty intense.

Wearing nice underwear generally lifts our mood, but according to Anjel, this just won’t cut the mustard anymore. Colour is where we’re going wrong! Your base Chakra, located near the bottom of your spine, is what controls the energy for kinaesthetic feeling and movement. This is why the colour of your underwear is particularly important because it’s around this area for long periods of time.

According to Anejl, black is the worst colour you could wear as it doesn’t vibrate. What happened to ‘nobody buys black underwear unless they want someone to see it’ rule thanks to 10 Things I Hate About You? White and grey also don’t vibrate and because of this, they’re classed as the ‘least sexy’ lingerie colours you can go for as it cancels out energy. In terms of the way others perceive you, red lingerie should be worn in the bedroom if you want to show ultimate seduction.

red lingerie
Left: Pour Moi Sensation, Right: Contradiction by Pour Moi Illicit

If you’ve got an important job interview – deep blue is classed as quite a calming colour so could help with the nerves as well as meaning you’re professional. Pale pink is meant to help you sleep – so this can be translated into sheets or even your nightwear. She’s also said ‘sometimes we’re drawn to certain colours because it’s the energy our body requires’ which is pretty cool.

Other colour meanings:


Green = Secure, caring


Light Purple = Sensitive, spiritual


Dark Purple = Loyal

yellow lingerie

Yellow = Intelligent, social

We may be drawn to certain colours but I’ll forever be a black underwear kind of girl. That’s not to say you can’t inject some colour in there when you are feeling down, or nervous or sleepy to try and help with your mood! Cool right? What colours are you most drawn to for lingerie? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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Grace x

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