Stuck for ideas on how to spend your 4-day Bank Holiday weekend in lockdown? We came up with 100 things to do over the long weekend!
  1. Have a bra-drobe clear out
  2. Try on every bra you own
  3. Get side-tracked by checking out your reflection in the mirror
  4. Donate unwanted bras to charities like Smalls for All
  5. Give in to the TikTok hype
  6. Binge watch some feel good TV
  7. Do YouTube Yoga ‍
  8. Realise you don’t have a sports bra to hold your girls in place, and almost suffocate yourself in downward dog
  9. Buy a sports bra
  10. Wait impatiently for it to arrive so you can continue your newly found love of yoga
  11. Spring clean your house
  12. Have a FaceTime lingerie party with your besties
  13. Take part in a virtual pub quiz
  14. Bake a yummy cake
  15. And then some homemade bread
  16. Get the baking bug and apply for GBBO ‍
  17. Clean the mess you made in the kitchen
  18. Endlessly scroll social media
  19. Take some lingerie selfies for the #LoveMyBrastop competition
  20. Decide you’re going to get your sleeping pattern back in order
  21. Stay up until 3am
  22. Get out of bed at 12pm
  23. Try to make the most of the day you have left
  24. End up playing Animal Crossing for 6 hours
  25. Pay off your home loan to a raccoon
  26. Get changed out of your pyjamas
  27. PUT A BRA ON
  28. Take a shower
  29. Or maybe a bath
  30. Self-care is important ‍
  31. Make some tasty dinners
  32. Scroll through Instagram
  33. Try out new Instagram Story filters
  34. Maybe some Snapchat filters too. Does anyone use Snapchat anymore?
  35. Give your parents a call
  36. Try to explain how FaceTime/Skype/Zoom works to your parents
  37. Fail at the above ‍
  38. Stick to a good old-fashioned phone call
  39. Cocktail party! …For one
  40. Do some more online yoga ‍
  41. Buy a bra #treatyourself
  42. Get the matching knickers too, because why not?
  43. Re-organise your cupboards
  44. Start looking for ways to organise your lingerie
  45. Get stuck down a Pinterest rabbit hole
  46. Decide it’s a good idea to rearrange your entire house
  47. Get half-way through and give up ‍
  48. Spring clean your sofas – including washing the covers
  49. Maybe find a £1 or two hidden down the back of them
  50. Grab your boobs. Just because you can.
  51. Eat so much chocolate you feel sick
  52. Get dressed up and do your hair even if there’s nowhere to go
  53. Check out the Brastop sale
  54. Buy another bra
  55. Sing in the shower, Easy A style
  56. Drink endless cups of tea
  57. Get in touch with that long-lost friend you kept telling yourself you’d call
  58. Start a bullet journal
  59. Forget about your bullet journal
  60. Wear your fanciest heels around the house
  61. Decide your lingerie isn’t organised enough and arrange it by colour
  62. Dance in your pants
  63. Watch more Netflix
  64. Do some more cleaning, because it’s a never-ending cycle
  65. Name your boobs
  66. Write a to-do list
  67. Rearrange the apps on your phone
  68. Spend the next 24 hours forgetting that you rearranged them and keep opening your emails instead of Instagram
  69. Do a face mask ‍
  70. Contemplate dying your hair
  71. Realise you have no hair dye and it isn’t an essential reason to leave the house
  72. Settle for cutting it instead ‍
  73. Decide to give yourself a fringe
  74. Regret it immediately
  75. Cheer yourself up by buying a new bra
  76. Change the bedsheets ️
  77. Practice mindfulness
  78. Have an afternoon nap
  79. Remember your bullet journal and work on it a bit more
  80. Feel like you’re being organised and productive but realise you have in fact spent 3 hours making it look pretty
  81. Go to bed
  82. Wake up
  83. Spend an hour scrolling through your phone before getting up
  84. Drink delicious coffee
  85. Take the time to have a nutritious breakfast
  86. Write about a feel-good, inspiring moment in your life
  87. Set up an Instagram account for your pet
  88. Read a book
  89. Sit in the garden
  90. Or in front of an open window if you don’t have a garden
  91. Draw a self portrait
  92. Design your dream bra
  93. Fall back down the TikTok rabbit hole
  94. Try to film your own TikTok dance
  95. Fail
  96. Delete TikTok and never try again
  97. Hand wash your bras
  98. Check the news
  99. Cry in despair
  100. Buy another bra to cheer yourself up
Stay safe,
LJ x

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