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Curvy Kate Emily balconette bra in nude – review

Curvy Kate Emily Bra in Nude

Curvy Kate Emily Bra in Nude

My size: 30FF

There are few greater pleasures in life than receiving a parcel in the post with two new bras neatly packaged within – especially when they’re two Curvy Kate bras, and they happen to be among your favourite bra sets ever.

And so it was, two days before setting off on my holidays when my latest review parcel arrived from Brastop; one Curvy Kate Emily bra in white, and one Curvy Kate Emily bra in nude.

Today, I want to review the Emily first, as it’s always a good idea to leave the best until last. I’m also trying out a new camera and thought I would snap some better photos of the sets I’m reviewing (even though I still haven’t managed to work up the same courage as Becky after all this time to do photo reviews).

The first thing I should say about the Emily bra is the reason why I picked it out in the first placel my holidays. It’s always a huge mistake to purchase white bras to wear on holiday (especially if you’re going somewhere hot) for two reasons; the first one is a common sense fashion reason – white bras show through almost every colour of light fabric and can often look unsightly under a plain t-shirt or vest (especially white outfits).

Everyone seems makes the same mistake of thinking white = invisible, but it doesn’t. It usually means a highly visible bra under your clothes – which is fine, if that’s what you want, but not if you’re trying to look elegant.

The second reason is even simpler: sun cream. I don’t know how many white bras I’ve totally ruined over the years due to liberal applications of sun cream. The wings and shoulder straps of the bra end up yellow and faded, and the stains never, ever come out no matter how hard you try. Not only that, but when the weather is hot, you have two simple choices; cover your armpits in deodorant, or sweat. Both leave your bras (especially the white ones) looking like cigarette smoke-stained wallpaper.

Nude bras are also something of a modern-day poor relation to all the other wonderful colours and patterns of bras available now on the market – even the traditional, plain, boring black or white bras seems positively modern by comparison – but nudes have a firm place in every girl’s lingerie drawer, not least of all as a reliable, trustworthy and neutral undergarment to wear under a flimsy or semi-transparent top.

I guess this is a long way of me saying that nude bras are one of the best holiday investments you can make – and I had the Emily firmly in my sights when I had this year’s vacation in mind.

So, now you know the reason why I wanted a nice nude bra – you probably now want to know what I think of it?

Well, firstly, it’s a Curvy Kate bra, and, in over five years of trying almost every bra in the Curvy Kate range, I don’t think I’ve found one that I didn’t like. (Actually, that’s not strictly true, the Showgirl range just didn’t work for me – much to my partner’s disappointment). For whatever reason – be it my shape, the design of the bras, the support they offer or the materials they’re made of – Curvy Kate bras just work for me, and the Emily is no exception.

It’s a wonderfully understated bra; beautifully simple in pattern but deceptively efficient in its design. It’s a plain underwired bra with a plain mesh silky finish, elegantly embroidered with royal floral detailing – and cute little, delicate ribbon bows.

In many ways, it almost feels like a classic take on a vintage bra, with all the features you would expect from a company like Curvy Kate; sturdy flexible shoulder straps, the standard three rows of hooks and eyes, firm underwire and stitching – and made of lightweight materials.

A good bra should be a combination of several factors; not least of which is support, comfort and overall practicality – and the Emily achieves all of this – plus, it somehow manages to feel like a special little bra with its subtle shimmers of gold and the cute little bows. Despite all its practical charms as a trusty nude bra, it somehow manages to feel sexy and rewarding.

I have a feeling it’s going to be the bra most frequently worn throughout my vacation, be it under a sweaty, brightly-coloured vest during the hot daytime, or craftily masking itself under a tan-boasting white top at night time.

The Curvy Kate Emily bra is currently available at the Brastop website for just £27, with the briefs priced £13 or the thong at £12.50. (All prices correct at the time of publishing).

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