It’s National Bikini Day aka one of the best days of the year! Although some of you may prefer to rock a swimsuit on your jollies than a two piece, we can guarantee you didn’t know this about your holiday must-have…

1. The bikini got his name after a hydrogen bomb testing at Bikini Atoll in the North Pacific Marshall Islands.

Bikini Atoll
2. Bridget Bardot helped to cement the bikini’s popularity by wearing one on the beach at her first ever Cannes Film Festival appearance in 1953

Bridget Bardot

3. The Hollywood Hays Code banned the belly button from being exposed on screen, so the high waisted bikini bottom was born.

High Waist Bikini

4. The world’s largest bikini parade, featuring 287 girls in Johannesburg, took place in 2009 for breast cancer awareness – well done girls!

Bikini Parade

5. Minoan paintings from 1600 B.C. show women wearing two-piece suits similar to 1960’s styles. They may not look as great as the the modern day styles, but they clearly had the two piece way before anyone else.

Minoan Bikini

6. The most expensive bikini in the world is worth $30 million created by Susan Rosen and is covered in Steinmetz Diamonds.

Most Expensive Bikini
7. When Barbie was first released in 1959, her debut outfit was a swimsuit!

first ever barbie mattel


8. Pointed bikini tops in the 1950’s were called ‘high beams’

Pointed Bikini
9. Bikini designs in the 60’s were overly futuristic and wacky as this is what they thought would be in fashion in the year 2000. Not quite futuristic yet, but still pretty fabulous!

Futuristic Bikini#
10. And finally, the very first bikini designer was a mechanical engineer – because it takes all the strength of mechanics to keep our puppies in place during the summer!

Not quite sure we’ll be going anywhere in a $30 million bikini, but there are plenty of bargains in our swimwear clearance that need snapping up!

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Grace x

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