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What Does Your Bra Say About You?

There are SO many different styles of bra, and it can be tricky finding the style you like the best but we’ve got a question for you: which style of bra do you wear the most often? A lot of women have a range of styles taking up their lingerie drawer, but there’s almost always one that’s more common than the rest – or at least one that gets pulled out a lot more often! If you’ve ever wondered what your go-to bra says about you, take a look below to see our thoughts.

Non Padded Bra

Many fuller busted women prefer a non-padded bra like the Curvy Kate Victory as it doesn’t feel as bulky as a padded bra, and they can range from sheer and lacy to opaque and satin-esque. You love convenience and don’t like to be restricted in anything you choose to do.

Padded Bra

A padded bra like our Flirtelle Ada offers a layer of modesty that a non-padded or sheer lace bra just can’t do, as well as shaping and lifting your boobs. A padded bra gives you a sense of control and confidence, as well as making you feel like the fierce, independent woman you know you are!

Non-Wired Bra

Non-wired bras like the Lepel Lexi Soft Cup bra are comfortable and perfect for lounging or sleeping, giving a natural looking shape without much lift. If your number one pick is a non-wired bra then it could suggest that you value your comfort over many other things, and that you embrace your body’s natural shape.

Half Cup Bra

Just because we’ve got D+ cups it doesn’t necessarily mean we want to hide our cleavage and a half cup bra (like the stunning Scantilly Unleash Half Cup) is the best way to get that enviable ‘cakes on a plate’ look! If you prefer a half cup bra it suggests that you’re confident, outgoing and like to be in control. Generally you’ll also be a bit of a flirt, oo-err!

Full Cup Bra

Full cup bras, like the feminine Imogen Rose by Pour Moi Embroidered Full Cup bra, offer total coverage and support, and are perfect for those who have a very full bust. You’re likely to be a little conservative, perhaps almost shy, but you’re full of great advice and the one your friends look to when they need some help.

Plunge Bra

Plunge bras tend to show off a bit more cleavage but without adding as much ‘oomph’ as you’d get from a push-up or half cup bra. If you tend to pick a plunge bra, like the Curvy Kate Lifestyle bra, it could be that you’re a bit of a party animal at heart as they work perfectly with a low cut outfit!

Balconette Bra

Thanks to its simple design, a balconette bra is easy to wear with almost everything. Like our Flirtelle Swirl or Flirtelle Viola, They offer subtle lift and a natural, rounded shape with a decent amount of coverage to be comfortable for everyday wear. If your go-to is a balconette bra, it might suggest that you find comfort in the simple things in life and are a bit of a homebody.

Multiway or Strapless Bra

Versatile and perfect for any occasion, a multiway or strapless bra like the gravity-defying Curvy Kate Luxe means you’re covered for all possible situations. You’re probably the adventurous type and the one your friends rely on for a great time!

T-Shirt Bra

T-shirt bras like the popular Freya Deco styles provide a super smooth finish under clothes, so if your go-to is one of these then you seem like someone who takes care and pride in their appearance. You prefer simplicity over ruffles and frills, and like things to be neat and organised at all times.

Longline Bra

The longline band offers a retro, glamorous vibe. If your lingerie drawer consists of something like the Freya Fancies Longline bra, then you’re likely to be nostalgic of decades past and like to dip your toe into vintage-esque styles now an again.

Which one are you? Or are you a mixture? Let us know in the comments below or over on social if we got you spot on or not!


LJ x

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