Sustainability Statement Sustainability Statement

Sustainability Policy

Here at Brastop we’re making some changes to the way we work in order to be more sustainable and reduce our impact on the planet. Over the last couple of seasons we’ve made some changes that we’re really proud of, and we want to share them with you…


recycled paper

Our own-brand swing tags are all made from recycled paper and they are FSC certified which means they come from a well-managed sustainable source.

recycled polyester

The own-brand garment care labels are now made from recycled polyester, this uses up waste plastics which would go into landfill and oceans.

reducing the number of samples

Our parcel bags are made from the renewable raw material sugar cane, which can also be recycled, helping to utilise renewable materials and reduce landfill waste.

No nasty chemicals

Our own-brand garment polybags are BHT free and recyclable, helping to reduce landfill waste.

less dye chemicals and water wasted

All of our print marketing is printed onto carbon balanced or recycled paper, helping to reduce landfill waste.

our samples will not end up in landfill

Our gift wrap option uses tissue paper & cardboard, which can be widely recycled.


Recycled tags

Here at Brastop, we are reducing the number of own-brand samples we make for internal product meetings, helping to reduce the amount of samples at the end of the season which cannot be sold.

garment labels

The materials that go into our own-brand products are frequently tested to ensure they do not contain any nasty chemicals; this helps to stop any harmful chemicals going into waterways during the dying and washing process.

garmet bags

Where possible we use the same fabrics across own-brand ranges, this reduces dyeing lots of different fabrics, which means less dye chemicals and water wasted.

marketing print

From 2021 onwards all of our buying samples will be gifted or donated to charities, helping to reduce landfill waste.

Our Carbon Footprint

reduced travel

We have reduced physical travel across our business during the pandemic and we plan to maintain this reduction in travel, by conducting virtual meetings and presentations where possible and only travelling when essential. This helps to reduce our carbon emissions.

save water

We recommend hand washing our products which uses considerably less water than machine washing, helping to save water waste.

sea transport

We transport all our own-brand product from the factories by sea and on very rare occasions will transport via air to fulfil demand, this helps to ensure our carbon emissions are restricted as much as possible.

Brastop HQ

digital presentations

Our own-brand design meetings are now held virtually, helping to significantly reduce coloured ink and paper use.


We run a paperless office, where printing is only used where necessary, helping to reduce paper waste.

water bottles

All team members have reusable water bottles, to help reduce waste plastic.


Recycling bins are as standard in our offices, to encourage recycling when possible.

donated equipment

We have recently upgraded our IT equipment which has allowed us to donate old equipment to local schools and staff members, helping to reduce landfill waste.

reduced emails

Our email signatures include a note to say ‘we may not reply with a simple thank you’ in an effort to reduce the carbon cost of sending emails.