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Rated 4.6/5

Love Claudette Dessous Longline Bra Hot Coral Polka Dot

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars 4 reviews 5 4.2 4
RRP £38.50 NOW £13 13.0000 GBP
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Product Reviews

  • 3 out of 5 stars Gladys Ogwudire, 01-09-2017

    A lovely bra, the dye runs o to my top. However it didn't stain, so I will only wear dark colours with this one.

  • 4 out of 5 stars Anonymous, 29-05-2017

    This bra is SUPER CUTE. I love it, really. But the 28D is too small and return shipping is super expensive.

  • 5 out of 5 stars Kat Lovatt, 19-04-2017

    just as beautiful as the picture and it is so incredibly comfortable!

  • 5 out of 5 stars Emma Bennett, 13-12-2016

    lovely bra just not the right size for me, returned for a refund - hassle free

  • 3 out of 5 stars Hiroko Payne da Silva, 19/10/2016 13:09

    For reference: I am between a 32/34 band, H/GG (and in some cuts G) cups in Curvy Cate/Scantilly, Panache & Tutti Rouge.

    FIT: I knew going in that this cut is not a perfect match for my breasts.  I sister sized up to 36G, knowing that this cut would probably not be the most flattering for my breast shape and size. However, something in the way they cut this longline is more flattering than the comparable Dessous I have from the same brand.  I knew ordering the 36 that I would be taking in the slack but I find that this being a longline means that, even though I am starting on the third set of hooks, it wears like a comfortable-to-loose 34. I will be able to wait a couple of months before I have to take in the sides.  

    This has the same problem as my dessous, but to a slightly lesser extent. That is: where the doubled mesh on the bottom of the cups is sewn to the single mesh on the top of the cup, the seam cuts into my breasts making it look like I have quad-boob when worn under a thin shirt. This, despite the fact that all my tissue is well placed in the cups, and the cup itself isn't cutting into the tops of my breasts. My tissue isn't super firm, so maybe this wouldn't be an issue if you have firmer tissue.  It is an issue of give between the two layers of mesh, however the mesh on this bra is significantly softer.

    As a longline, this bra is a total flop, in the larger cups & back sizes. The band's depth isn't scaled to the cup size so with the larger cup & back it just ends up being a heftier full-cup bra. However, this makes the bra conversely more sturdy and not as flimsy feeling as it's Dessous sister.  

    The itty bitty utterly useless boning in the front of the 'longline' are well annoying. They serve zero purpose but to flip up, flip inside out, curve in and stab your ribs, or some annoying combination of all three. This is the worst part of the bra.

    The shape it gives is very relaxed and low. The wires are very close set in the front. If you have close set breasts this would be a nice choice, though the gore comes up quite high.

    If you are ordering this in the larger cup size do be aware that the look and coverage is not the same as in the photo shown on a smaller cup. It really is full coverage. (I knew this going in, but if I hadn't I might've been disappointed)

    The mesh of this longline is lovely and soft.

    The colour is beautiful and much brighter than photos would suggest, the aesthetic is lovely and light, these are the reason I am keeping this bra.

    Bottoms come up VERY small with this one.


    Same as for the dessous. DO NOT BUY THIS BRA IF NOT ON SALE. You will be disappointed. If I had paid more than £16 for this I would've sent it back without a question. The wires are very soft (which I know might be a plus for some but for me it is a weak point) the sewing is fine but the elastic is meh. Fortunately this one is not fraying (like my dessous bra) and all the bobbly bits are firmly sewn on, but it just feels insubstantial. Holding this in one hand and a Miss Mandalay Paris in the other...the difference is just so marked. Don't do this bra except in the sales. I like Claudette, I want to root for them but the fit inconsistencies from colour to colour within the same season and cut of bras is just so disappointing. I understand that they say they are rectifying this but I keep hearing the same thing from so many bloggers and buyers on Bratabase...I hope it is fixed in the next season's releases.

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Love Claudette Dessous Longline Bra Hot Coral Polka Dot The Love Claudette Dessous Longline bra in hot coral polka dot is a gorgeously girly offering, with contrasting grey overlay. Ribbon bow detail in matching pink takes center stage on this bra that you won't want to take off. https://www.brastop.com/love-claudette-dessous-longline-bra-hot-coral-polka-dot-2 https://brastop.cachefly.net/content/images/thumbs/0027005_love-claudette-dessous-longline-bra-hot-coral-polka-dot_512.jpeg All Lingerie & Swimwear Bras $25 or less Bras £15 or less D-K Lingerie Clearance Lingerie 14608 13.00 38.50 GBP InStock Love Claudette Bras Pink 11425 2016-11-14


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