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Bye Bra Breast Lift Tape Cup F-H With Silicone Nipple Covers Clear/Nude

£19.95 19.9500 GBP
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  • Picture of Bye Bra Breast Lift Tape Cup D-F With Silicone Nipple Covers Clear/Nude

    Bye Bra Breast Lift Tape Cup D-F With Silicone Nipple Covers Clear/Nude


Product Reviews

  • 2 out of 5 stars Alex van Overdijk, 13-12-2017

    The product itself worked well HOWEVER I ordered a pack of 6 pift tapes (3 pairs) and 2 were broken to the point i couldn't use them. Seeing as the product is quite expensive, i was pretty annoyed that 1/3 of my item was useless.

  • Lucy replied on

    Oh no this doesn't sound right at all! Please get in touch with us at support@brastop.com including images of the damaged item and we'll be happy to look into this for you.

  • 4 out of 5 stars Anonymous, 11-07-2016

    Even though I didn't use the tapes, I did use the nipple covers that came with them. They're awesome and I'll definitely use them again.

  • 3 out of 5 stars MK, 14/05/2017 04:32

    Good item but doesn't work great if you have a very large bust.

  • 1 out of 5 stars Kate West, 28/08/2016 12:16

    Too good to be true.

    Sorry girls, if you're this big, there's no other option than a real bra. In all honesty, I knew this would be the case. But I tried them anyway.
    The instructions  are incomplete, as the tape indicates that it needs to be cut but no mention is made in the directions. Also there is no sizing guides, text or visual, to instruct on how they should be cut to size.
    The first instruction states "don't allow fingers to touch tape or the tape to stick to itself. This is practically impossible. Furthermore, any placement adjustments made after initial adhesion render the adhesive useless.
    And, upon eventually partially applying the second pair of tapes, the unsightly temporary "Boob job" lines were visible underneath the dress.
    Above all, they were unbearably painful.

    Face facts girls, for we whose melons are the size of actual melons, our assets simply weigh too much for any adhesive based product to provide any comfortable, or effective support. Don't make my $35 mistake.

    With things like this, for boobs that can't already stand on their own, too good to be true really isn't.

    Oh, but as the above review states, the nipple covers (though a situation in which I might have need of them does not come to mind) were reasonably comfortable, and did what they were designed to do, and as long as you stick them on something plastic to store then, are indeed reusable. However, as they are available by themselves for much less, I can't fathom why anyone would spend this much for these and not even intend to try them. O_o

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Bye Bra Breast Lift Tape Cup F-H With Silicone Nipple Covers Clear/Nude The Bye Bra Breast Lift Tape with silicone nipple covers is a simple solution for a quick and effective enhancement of the female breasts without the need for a bra! The adhesive breast lifts lift the breasts from the top and is a perfect solution for strapless, backless, V-necked or plunged-necked outfits. They can also be worn under a bikini. http://www.brastop.com/bye-bra-breast-lift-tape-cup-f-h-with-silicone-nipple-covers-clearnude https://brastop.cachefly.net/content/images/thumbs/0019862_bye-bra-breast-lift-tape-cup-f-h-with-silicone-nipple-covers-clearnude_512.jpeg Accessories Bye-Bra Party Solutions 12343 19.95 19.95 GBP InStock Bye Bra Accessories Nude 9160 2015-10-21


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