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BRAS £20 OR LESS 100's of D-K Cup Styles - Ends Midnight Sunday

BRAS £20 OR LESS 100's of D-K Cup Styles - Ends Midnight Sunday

BRAS $29 OR LESS 100's of D+ Cup Styles - Ends Midnight Sunday

BRAS $29 OR LESS 100's of D+ Cup Styles - Ends Midnight Sunday

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What Your Favourite Bra Style Says About Your Personality

When we think about personality, the first thing that springs to mind is our star signs and of course our parents. A lot of our personality traits are passed down to us or are influenced by our environment. But who knew your bra style could also tell a lot about you? We’ve got our mystic meg pants on and are going to reveal what your go-to style may say about you – but don’t worry, they’re all equally as fabulous as each other!

T-shirt styles

You like to take things easy and you’re as cool as a cucumber. One of your best traits is that you’re very independent – who run the world, girls! No one knows how to unwind like you do, and you’re up for anything.

Our favourite T-shirt bra: Curvy Kate Smoothie Soul

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Balconette styles

You’re very comfortable in your own skin. Your charisma means you’re always willing to put yourself out there – you go girl! Your sense of style is effortless, so you never look out of place. You’re also down to earth and like to stay away from as much drama as possible!

Our favourite balconette bra: Panache Superbra Tango

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Adventures are your thing! Trying new activities or foods has your name written all over it. At the same time, you’re still well aware of your responsibilities. You might party all night long with your friends, but you also know your limits.

Our favourite strapless bra: Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless

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Full cups

Always on time and being understanding best describes you. You value your own and others time. You’re incredibly warm and everyone says you give the greatest hugs.

Our favourite full cup bra: Pour Moi St Tropez Full Cup Bra White

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Sports bras

You’re very detail oriented. You always plan ahead and manage to find time for everyone in your life. Busy and practical are your mottos so it’s understandable that a sports bra style is your go-to.

Our favourite sports bra: Freya Active Core

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Lace numbers

Paying great attention to detail, you love to keep up with the latest trends. If you opt for this style on a day to day basis, you’re ready to take on anything the day has to throw at you! You could be heading home for a quiet one or that quick after work drink could turn into a full night out.

Our favourite lace bra: Flirtelle Viola

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Have we missed a style? Let us know what it is and how you think it best describes you!


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