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The Bra That Detects When You’re ‘In Love’?

We all know that finding love and knowing whether its the real deal or not can be a bit of a heart-throbbing, stomach-quenching affair. Well, here to help this year is the bra aptly named the ‘True Love Tester’ which claims to be able to detect when a woman feels ‘in love’.

With new scientific technology this bra is said to be able to tell how a woman is really feeling (not too sure about that!) The built-in sensor, which monitors the wearer’s heartbeat, will automatically spring open in what looks like a disturbingly violent fashion and will remain locked unless genuine ‘excitement’ is detected.

Japanese lingerie maker, Ravijour explains how the new high-tech clasps works, ‘When excited, the adrenal medulla [gland] secretes catecholamine, which affects the automatic nerve, and stimulates the heart rate, A sensor reads the woman’s heart rate and sends it to a special app via Bluetooth for analysis using the chart below.

So basically the bra will open if you get excited about anything whether you like it or not, so we won’t recommend wearing it when going on theme park rides or watching Fifty Shades of Grey which is out next Valentine’s day! However, I’m curious to find out how you would take this bra off yourself? If it only comes off when getting “excited” does that mean every time you have find a way to get excited, or is there a release button? Hmm.

Below is the commercial for the ‘True Love Tester”, which had us all in stitches… would you buy this bra?

Source: Metro Online and BitterWallet

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