Flirtelle Balcony Peony bra – review

I cannot believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted on the blog – sorry readers! Having been crazy busy recently, I’ve certainly missed writing about lingerie day in and day out but I’m back…with the biggest pile of lingerie to review, ever! So expect your summer to be jam packed with new reviews of some of our stunning new styles.

Brastop exclusive brand Flirtelle really caught my eye at the beginning of the season. Breaking away from their usual palette of soft pastels and neutrals, the brand has come up trumps with a huge injection of colour, and whilst they do sugary sweet colours well it’s nice to see a vibrant palette. And with new collections on Brastop, it’s only a matter of time before new reviews pop up!

And with this summer currently being an absolute wash out, I’ve been turning to my lingerie to cheer me up. I am aware that makes me sound absolutely mad, but a pop of colour is helping to brighten my mood when it’s so grey and dreary outside. So to start things off, I got my hands on the gorgeously girlie Flirtelle Peony.

 Flirtelle Peony balconette bra.

My size: 30G

Product description:

  • Exquisite, classic balconette bra styled in delicate double-layer nylon fabric over a scrumptious pink base.
  • A charming, vintage-inspired look that simple oozes feminine glamour and a delectable floral finish, intricate embroidery, smart slot trims and bows.
  • Non-padded, underwired cups provide an uplifting shape, flattering curves and flawless Flirtelle fit.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps fasten securely with two hooks at the back (three for larger cups), across three columns.
  • 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane
Fit: I was a little gutted to find that some of the new Flirtelle styles start at a 32 back. However, every once in a while I am guilty of wearing a 32FF because if you are going to go up a back size, you should go down a cup size to accommodate. It’s a simple rule but one to remember – especially when trying on brands that may fit differently, or wanting to pick up a bargain in the sale. Of course we’re huge advocates of wearing correctly fitting lingerie, but as long as you’re in the right area, no one is going to tell you off!
So whilst this isn’t perhaps the most accurate review on fit, it’s not fair off. And the fit is just what you expect from both Flirtelle and sheer cup, balconette bras – much like Freya, they’re true to size and generally very reliable. I imagine a 30G in this would be perfect but compared to some of my other 32FF’s – such as the Freya Pollyanna – it fits in the same way, which is a comfort. I do have one gripe about the fit both of the bra and the matching knickers – watch out for the ribbon along the edge! A pretty addition, it does however make the garments a little more restrictive. It does unfortunately have a tendency to cause a little bit of double boob if you’re the larger end of a cup size, so when buying consider what your usual size is and be prepared to play around with the straps to eliminate this. It’s not a huge problem and doesn’t really affect the fit of the bra, but it’s something to keep in mind. Try bending over with the bra on or just move about a bit, see if it’s going to be an issue.

Comfort: Like the fit, this bra is as comfortable as the next sheer cup. It’s supportive and has soft fabric, and I can wear it all day long and not punch the air with joy when I take it off at the end of the day. But again – like the fit – the ribbon can be a problem. Before I altered the straps, I found it dug in a little. A normal balconette bra doesn’t have a restrictive piece of fabric whereas the ribbon is quite firm. Again, this certainly isn’t a bad thing but something that compromises the comfort slightly until you sort the straps out. Still, I wear this bra often and find it comfortable as anything, a lingerie regular!

Colour: The reason I chose this bra out of all the other new offerings from Flirtelle is that I fell in love with its busy print. It’s no secret I love a floral print, and this one really hits the nail on the head. The baby pink colour is layered with a gorgeous rose and paisley print in greens and pink, which would be stunning enough on their own, yet it’s finished off with even more detailing – delicate, purple embroidery in a paisley pattern and a sweet ribbon along the cups. Personally I love bras like these – they’re loud, vibrant and put a smile on my face, but others may not be so keen on the busy look. This certainly is a bra to get you noticed and I think the colours work beautifully well together, yet stand out to make one unique set.

Occasion: As I previously mentioned, this bra is perfect for a summer pick me up. Colours aside, the delicately soft and sheer fabric means this is a really wearable bra, but is double layered for that extra bit of support and piece of mind. The baby pink plain straps mean that if you wanted to keep the print a secret, the straps can be on show and not show a hint of the explosion of colour hidden under your clothing, meaning it’s a beautifully subtle set. I’ve found it’s slotted into my day to day wardrobe perfectly well as it gives me a great silhouette under clothing.

Price: Call it perfect timing, but this bra is currently only £12.95 in our HUGE summer sale, with matching shorts at only £5.95. But hurry – there’s not much time left in our sale, yet even if you do miss out the set goes back to its original price of £17.95 for the bra and £7.95 for the knickers – hardly bank breaking stuff!

With the rain showing no signs of letting up, expect another summery review ASAP!

(All prices are subject to change – correct at the time of blog)


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