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Why You Need A Racerback Bra

Every lingerie drawer should have at least one racerback bra in it! They’re one of my favourite styles – versatile and majorly comfortable whilst offering massive support and great lift. But what is a racerback bra?

A racerback bra is essentially a bra that has a fixed point at the rear where the shoulder straps join (sports bras generally are a good example of this). Racerback bras may also have other features, such as a J-clip or detachable straps that can be worn multi-way.

They’re especially great for women with narrow or sloped shoulders, as the racerback design holds the straps in place to help prevent slipping. They’re also well suited to women who often wear tank tops or tops with the racerback style backs and don’t want their bra straps to be seen.

Bras featuring a J-clip option on the straps provide the best of both worlds. You can leave the straps as normal for day to day wear, but when you want that bit of added support and lift you can just hook the straps together and be on your way.

Recommended styles: Curvy Kate Smoothie Soul, Freya Deco Delight, Freya Deco Vibe, Fantasie Eclipse

You can get the same effect from bras which feature convertible straps – whether they’re only detachable at the back to be crossed-over, or entirely strapless. Again these styles offer added support from the reinforcement across the back, which brings your boobs up and in to enhance your cleavage.

Recommended styles: Pour Moi Amour Bralette, Curvy Kate Luxe, Charnos Superfit, Pour Moi St Tropez Strapless

A racerback sports bra makes the perfect choice for any intensity work out, thanks to the added support. The added firmness across the back makes sure your girls stay in place whether you’re doing yoga, running, or aerobics.

Recommended styles: Shock Absorber, Panache Sports Bras, Freya Active Epic Crop Tops, Freya Active Force Soft Cup, Freya Active Sonic Moulded, Elomi Energise

If you want a quick solution without having to buy a new bra, or want to convert your current bras into a racerback, you can always try an accessory that clips the bra straps together. These can be used on any bra with fixed straps, and can be worn at the front or back depending on the look you need.

Suggested accessories: Racerback Bra Convertor Clips

So there we go! That’s the lowdown on racerback bras for you. Are there any other styles you want to know more about? Let us know the comments below, or drop us a message on our social channels.


LJ x

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