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Customer Spotlight

Inspire & Uplift: Jennie Goodman

The world is an uneasy place right now and we’ve called upon our Brastop Babes to share heartwarming stories with us to give us all something to smile about. Our first submission is from Jennie Goodman:

Here’s my ray of hope of an uplifting story in what seems to be quite a sad time for all of us:

I rescue street animals in Egypt, normally it’s like swimming in honey. However, every so often something comes along that is just, quite simply amazing.

Just over a month ago, we were called to a pregnant street cat in distress. I won’t give you the gory details, but if we hadn’t had got to her when we did… she wouldn’t have survived. She gave birth by C section… 6 gorgeous little babies. Sadly, very sadly, all 6 did not survive past 48 hours. I wasn’t sure if it was the distressing birth, or they were just too sick. (Hang on for the uplifting part… I promise there’s a big one!). We kept Mumma at our emergency shelter to recover for a few days post operation, she was very down and depressed from such trauma.

Jennie Goodman - Inspire & Uplift mother cat kittens

A few nights later, my friend popped to the shelter to pick up some meds when she heard a squeaking. At first we thought maybe we’d missed one of the kittens and it was still alive, but no, it most certainly wasn’t!

As she was walking out she discovered a barely 1 week old injured kitten being thrown into the air like a ragdoll by another cat!! She rescued it and we panicked with what to do. I ran to the rescue, fully prepared to take this minuscule thing home and hand feed every 2 hours. She was so tiny, and injured we were sure she would not make it but we had to try.

Jennie Goodman - Inspire & Uplift kitten rescue

In our panic we decided to try it with the Mumma cat, as she might still have milk, just in case it might work. We got lucky… we got beyond super lucky because within moments, Mumma cat had already accepted her and started cleaning… and that little kitten suddenly had a chance at life it didn’t have just 10 minutes before. Mumma turned around within moments to the happiest and proudest cat.. from such pining and despair. I can not describe how much I cried that evening, it’s such an emotional roller-coaster. I didn’t sleep for days after, always worried to go care for them in case something had happened, but somehow, fate intervened and made this work.

Jennie Goodman - Inspire & Uplift

It was so very heartwarming see such amazing love come from such a tragedy. It just shows how sometimes, things can turn around!

A month later, this tiny kitten is now up and climbing and Mumma cat is still totally besotted with her. We all are! We’re hoping to get them both adopted very soon.

Jennie Goodman - Inspire & Uplift

With best regards and wishes,

Jennie Goodman.

How lovely is this story? The kind of wholesome content we love to see. Thank you Jennie for sharing this with us and giving us a little something to smile about. If you have any uplifting or inspiring stories you’d like to share with us, please get in touch on [email protected] and be in with the chance to win 1 of 3x £50 Brastop vouchers!

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