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How Important is it to Use A Washbag?

We’ve had a lot of customers asking us this question recently, How important is it to really use a washbag or wash your bras by hand?

Below are a few reasons why it’s very important to use a washbag and how it can end up saving you loads of money just by changing one simply thing in your normal routine.


Washing your bras can be very tricky, trying to maintain the shape, colour, comfort and the life of the bra can depend a lot on how you wash it. We usually recommend hand washing your bras because it’s the safest way to keep all four areas intact. However, we are well aware that most people do not have the time or the patience to be able to do so and this is where a washbag comes in.

The main purpose of a wash-bag is to protect your bra – by placing your delicates in a separate bag its allows the bra to be washed with out the hooks attaching itself to any other garment in the machine, it allows the wire not to get bend out of shape by other garments and it protects your washing machine.


Without protection the life of your bra can be reduced dramatically and may become very uncomfortable to wear. Washing your bras in a machine without protection is known to have the following side effects:

  • – Bra misshaping
  • – Wires popping out or bent out of shape
  • – Hooks coming out
  • – Moulded bras tend to lose there structure and become lumpy
  • – Bows and other attachments falling off

Besides the general aesthetics of the bra and it’s life line, if a bra is misshapen it can also affect you and your health including effects like:

  • – Back pain
  • – Breast pain
  • – Discomfort from wires digging in
  •  – You can feel unsupported
  • – It wouldn’t look as good as it used to under your clothes

Washbags are very affordable and can end up saving you hundreds of pounds every year from not having to replace the bra itself, any clothes that can potentially get damaged alone the way or washing machine repairs. currently sells two washbags at £4 and under, this is definitely an investment!

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