Do you find wearing a new bra uncomfortable?

When you wear your bra do you find that you cannot wait to take it off because it digs in and leaves marks or even bruise your skin?

If your answer is yes then read on…

Many women who have recently been fitted in a smaller back size would find that there bra feels really tight and maybe uncomfortable to wear throughout the day.

If this is the case then here are some helpful tips to easy you into wearing your new bra.

When you buy a new bra always start wearing in on the last hook, the reason behind this is – once you start wearing and washing the bra it will naturally start to loosen up and when it does loosen you can simply move on to the middle hook and so on… ensuring that you’re being supported throughout.

Some would advise starting on the middle hook as it allow flexibility if you gain weight and need something looser, however the life span of a bra is 6 – 8 months if worn constantly (longer if worn less), within the first month of wearing your new bra it will start to loosen and you will find yourself moving on to the middle hook. So if you do want that flexibility of being able to put it on the last hook this would will still happen after a while.

However if you start on the tightest hook you’re not leaving much room for support because within the same month the bra would become loose and less supportive and you would not be able to tighten the back band therefore decreasing the life of the bra by 70%.

When you buy a new bra it is inevitable that it would feel slightly tight and constricting because it’s new and never been worn but remember it must not be so uncomfortable that it makes you equally uncomfortable too.

You should be able to run two fingers underneath the band at the back, if you can’t then you’ll need to go up a back size and change the cup size accordingly. So if you were fitted in a 32F and you found it uncomfortable around the back band but the cups fits then you simply apply the rule that if you go up a back size you must come down a cup size for it to be equivalent.

Therefore a 32F = 34E (same cup size, bigger back size)

If you have a new bra that’s slightly tight but comfortable and you followed the steps above but still find when you take you bra off that you’re still being mark then remember – because there is some pressure of the bra pushing on your skin it is normal to leave some marking especially if worn all day long.


I would recommend to anyone wearing new bras not to wear them all day – simply philosophy think of a bra like new shoes, you have to ‘break them in’ before they become more comfortable. Same thing applies – if you’re finding it too uncomfortable to wear all day then try alternating.

Only wear your new bras for short periods like when you’re popping to the grocery or just running a few errands and slowly and slowly it will become more and more comfortable…

I understand that some girls might not find this very practical so the easiest solution would be to hand wash the bra in some warm water to it loosens up the fabric.

Hope you can now start wearing your new bras with the confidence of knowing how to ‘wear them in’…

For more advice on fitting please visit our Fitting Room.



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