Curvy Kate Showgirl Tease Me Bra review

Curvy Kate Tease Me Black/Yellow

Bra: Curvy Kate, Showgirl Tease Me, Black/Lemon

Product description: Tease Me Black/Lemon balcony bra from Showgirl by Curvy Kate. Lightly padded satin cups overlaid with black mesh guarantee support and a gorgeous shape. The rich embroidery and intertwined ribbon complete the sophisticated look.

My size: 30HH

Fit: Curvy Kate bras in the 30HH are always a perfect fit for me. The Tease Me bra gives such a gorgeous shape, it makes you feel very sexy. I love this bra so much for this very reason, it’s hard to get a push-up effect in bigger sizes – plunge bras, for example, tend to stop at a G-cup so here’s one for the G+ ladies!

Materials: 84% Polyamide, 16% Elastane

Colour: The bra I have on in the picture is Black/Lemon but this bra comes in many different colours. It is available in Black/Coral now!

Comfort: Although it is slightly padded for the sexy shape, it is still very comfortable. When I was younger (and had smaller boobs!!) I always found that plunge bras or sexy bras were extremely unsupportive but this bra is the complete opposite. I don’t know how they do it, but they do it well! They go right up to J-cup as well, amazing!

Occasion: You can certainly wear this bra as an everyday bra, especially if you want to feel sexy – trust me, it works! I would definitely pick this bra to wear on a night out too.

Briefs: The thong is gorgeous! The pretty frills at the side, as you can see in the photo above, are fabulous! The only problem you might experience is if you were wearing a tight dress you would probably – depending on the material of the dress of course – see the frills through it. I don’t find this a problem because I always wear tights or leggings so it covers the frills, so if you are the same, you won’t have a problem.

Rating: Being my favourite bra EVER, without a doubt, 5 out 5!

The Curvy Kate Showgirl Tease Me in black/lemon is available on for £8.95.


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