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Compare and Contrast – Panache Sports Bra

Panache Sports Bra

A while back on the original Brastop Blog we produced a “compare and contrast” feature, where lots of bloggers (and non-bloggers alike) and fans sent us photos of them wearing the same bra in a variety of sizes in a bid to demonstrate to our customers just exactly how the same bra can look on a variety of body (and boob) shapes.

We’ve always been keen to emphasise the importance of proper fitting – ie. making sure that women are wearing the correct bra for their size and body shape – but we’re equally as keen to let customers look at how bras fit on everyday people, and not just lingerie models. It’s also one of the reasons why we run our regular model competitions – our models are our customers, and it’s important for the comfort and well-being of our clients to make sure they purchase a bra that suits their shape and posture.

Over the past week, we approached a number of new girls in our bra enthusiast community and asked them to provide us with some sample photos of them wearing a specific bra to help give a much better notion of how a specific bra should look – and fit – on sizes ranging from 28FF to 34H, and help you make a more informed choice on a purchase.

For the first test, we chose the Panache Sports Bra, modelled above.

Below, we’ve displayed below a series of images from our bra-wearing community, along with their various sizes to show you some real, beautiful, curvy women wearing the Panache Sports Bra.

Each of the girls has given us a variety of poses – front-on, back and the side – to give you an overall impression of how a bra of this style should look when properly fitted and adjusted to your shape.

All of these women are experts in their own right at establishing their correct bra size and ensuring each individual bra fits them properly – so it’s worth noting the position of their shoulder straps, the snug fit of the cups, the back band resting low and horizontal across their back – and the centre of the bra (where the cups join) resting smoothly against their sternum.

Panache Sports Bra in 30GG

Panache Sports Bra in 34H

Panache Sports Bra also in 34H

Panache Sports Bra in 28FF

Panche Sports bra in 30F

Panache Sports Bra in 30H

Feel free to add your own comments below or ask us any questions you may have about this feature. We’re planning to run more in the coming weeks and months, with lots of different bras – and girls of all sorts of sizes.

The Panache Sports bra in grey is available at for £35.

All prices correct at the time of publishing.

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