Compare and contrast – Curvy Kate Emily bra

Curvy Kate Emily Bra

Last week we covered  variety of sizes in the Freya Deco bra, comparing and contrasting the look, feel and fit of a classic, hugely popular bra.

This week, we’re looking at another best seller and a firm favourite with the Brastop Blog: the Curvy Kate Emily balconette bra.

The Emily is very much a “classic” bra in the traditional sense, supportive underwires, lace-mesh with a comfortable, uplifting finish to give a flattering fit and a striking look. It’s often described as a “vintage” looking bra – a touch of modern design mixed with the iconic designs of the 1980s.

So, we asked several of the girls in our community to let our customers see how this amazing bra looks on girls of different sizes and shapes. The girls in the pics below range from 28H to 36K and our model Laura wears a 28H/HH.

As before, look how the shoulder straps rest, the breast is contained in the cups and the back band rests neatly in a horizontal line, low along the back.

Curvy Kate Emily in 28H

Curvy Kate Emily in 30FF

Curvy Kate Emily in 30GG

Curvy Kate Emily in 30H

Curvy Kate Emily in 30H

Curvy Kate Emily in 36H

Curvy Kate Emily in 36K


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