All Lepel Fiore bras just £12 – Brastop Offer of the Week

Lepel Fiore

When I saw this offer pop up on the Brastop home page I couldn’t quite believe my eyes…normally Offer of the Week is reserved for just one bra, not 13 of them!

However this week we’re being extra generous because all Lepel Fiore bras are only £12 each!

Ask anyone I know and they’ll tell you that the Lepel Fiore is one of my favourite bras, ever. Honestly, I think I own it in every single colour…it’s a bit of an addiction!

Back in August I reviewed it for the Focus Group and now that spring is here, the lilac colour is being worn a LOT. But the beauty of this set is that it comes in a whole array of colours and currently at Brastop we have…*deep breath* black and gold, blue and pink, coral, sherbet pink, violet, rose AND peacock blue.

This is a hugely popular bra, and a Lepel best seller, so don’t let your size slip away! These bras normally sell for £20 so once again Brastop is offering you a bargain you can’t ignore!


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