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For The Girls’s 15th Birthday – Top 5 Cakes

We don’t need any excuse for cake here at Brastop HQ, but with it being our 15th birthday this week we thought we’d round up some of the BEST cakes we’ve found online. We’ll take one of each 🙋🏻‍♀️

Gin Cake

Cake + Gin? Match made in heaven! We LOVE this sparkly delight from Sweet Suzie’s.

Pink Cake

When you think of Brastop, you probably think of pink. It’s a must-have colour for anything we do, and that includes cake! This confetti cake from Chelsweets is basically made for us.


Basically lots of tiny cakes, what’s not to love about cupcakes? It’s like a teeny cake that’s just for you and they can be as beautifully decorated as you like! These pretty floral ones from Hummingbird Bakery are perfect for summer.

Chocolate Cake

It wouldn’t be a list of our top 5 cakes if some chocolate wasn’t involved 😉 This looks DIVINE and we need it like, yesterday.

Bra Cake

Last but certainly not least – a bra cake! How amazing is this from  Jeany Cakery? We want to see our products transformed into cakes 👙

We’re definitely ready for aaallll the cake this week, which one’s your fave? Let us know in the comments below.


LJ x

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