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7 Lingerie Commandments To Live By In 2016

Yes, lingerie commandments are a thing. Well, we’re making it a thing! As we know you’ve probably already broken all of your New Year’s Resolutions by now, we’re setting ourselves, and hopefully you, some goals to achieve with your lingerie that you’ll stick to in 2016!

I will make space to properly store my bras. Please forgive me bras that I have *cough* shoved *cough* into a draw or at back of the wardrobe over the years.

Closet Gif

I will wash my lingerie properly.. every time.

I will finally get re-measured after all the time of putting it off.

I will try a style I‘ve never tried before.

Girls Wild Gif

I will get rid of that one bra I’ve been holding on too for the past 3 years that’s wearing away and only has one strap.

I’ll put myself out there with a colour I’d never normally wear.

I MIGHT try the underwear as outwear trend once and for all.

Fashion Gif

Pretty achievable right?? What lingerie goals are you setting yourself this year? Tweet or Facebook us!

Grace x

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