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For The Girls

10 Stages of Transitioning From Summer to Winter

Autumn is officially here so that means we’re entering that awkward Summer-to-Winter transitional period where you can’t decide what to wear or whether you’re hot or cold!

1. The excitement of the weather cooling down (bye-bye boob sweat!)

2. Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night, Christmas… Come at us, chocolate and mulled wine

3. Pumpkin spice and toffeenut lattes become the only thing worth ordering at Starbucks

4. Being able to dig your cosiest jumpers and coats out of the depths of your wardrobe

5. It no longer being necessary to match your bra to your outfit because nobody can see it under your jumper

6. But then realising the unpredictable weather makes choosing an outfit a NIGHTMARE. Cold in the morning then as hot as summer in the afternoon? Help!

7. Rain? Oh no, I didn’t sign up for this

8. Dark mornings and dark nights, I miss daylight

9. Party season – finding the perfect strapless bra to go under that new dress is tricky (psst, try one of these)

10. Why does winter last 10 times as long as summer? Please come back, summer!

Summer, we miss you already. We’re sorry we ever moaned about you, we’ll take boob sweat over being frozen cold any day!

What’s your favourite thing about autumn and winter? Let us know in the comments.

LJ x

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