10 Annoying Things Anyone with Big Boobs Has Heard

Not everyone understands the struggle us D+ girls go through. We try to make bra shopping as easy as possible here at Brastop but that can be half the struggle sometimes. Anyone not part of the big tittie committee has probably said one of these annoying things to us bigger busted ladies…

I didn’t know that cup size existed!

We didn’t either until we got ourselves properly measured.

At least you fill up your bra!

Overspill is a whole other issue

They must really hurt your back

We’ve got our hot water bottle prepped at all times

Do you have to hold them when you go upstairs?

This is a very common one – luckily we don’t, but a supportive sports bra goes a long way.

Don’t get me started on bra shopping…

Thanks to us, that’s not a problem!

Are they real?

We grew them all by ourselves.

I wish my boobs were as big as yours

Fancy switching for the day?

Your nipples must be MAHUSIVE

Nipples vary in size from person to person, and isn’t dependant on breast size.

I bet you wish you could wear a bralet

I think we’ve all come to terms with the fact that’s not happening. But we have so many other gorgeous styles we can wear.

Have you ever weighed them?

Maybe, maybe not.

Annoying right? We’ve all heard them! Have you got any others you always hear? Comment with them down below and we can add them to our list!

Grace x


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  • Why are the straps of my bras always falling down my shoulder no matter how i tighten them?

  • Overjoyed in Debenhams Northampton to find a lovely bra that fitted so well and at a bargain sale price and the assiststant said “Yes, especially in this size”

  • Pretty bras aren’t available in big cup sizes. Well they are at brastop!

  • Hi Mary, you could try using a J clip. This brings them together at the back so they’re less likely to fall 🙂 x

  • Re: Annoying Things That Anyone With Big Boobs etc.

    “I bet you don’t get many of those to the kilo” -always from the opposite sex.

    Why is it men think it’ always ‘open season’ on big boobs?

  • My first experience of being professional measured was John Lewis in The Mall, Bristol. After much umming and ahhing, the sales assistant proudly passed me the only one they had in my size…

    “this is the Doreen” she said triumphantly.

    Nope. Just nope.

    Thank goodness for Brastop – I’m a Curey Kate Convert!

  • You don’t get many of those to the kilo!

  • Heard at a conference some years ago (by the comedian at the dinner) looks like the 2 Kojaks are fighting again!

  • Worst thing I usually hear when running on treadmill: won’t those give you a black eye? Grrrrr!

    Been a bra stop convert for a while though. Nothing beats a curvy Kate bra. Cut, colour, the shape they give and style. Bras top always has a great range

  • Some people would pay to have what you have.

  • Wow! do they help you float in the pool? Ugh….really?!!!!Just discovered your website while looking for a tankini top to really fit and not a halter top as I have neck issues.Found one at a great price. Can’t wait to get it.

  • I haven’t been able to spend so little on bras for so long. Just got a bikini set for the amount I would usually spend on just the bra! Fantastic!

  • Have you thought of having a boob reduction, I would if I was as big as you ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  • My hubby is always asking if we’re going to visit ‘Hammocks R Us’ to get the boobies weighed. If he has said it once he has said it a thousand times and once was definitely enough!

  • Your boobs came round the corner before you!

    Oh, I could get really lost in those!

    Only place I can get my size is Debenhams online and they’re very plain and boring.

    First time I’ve ordered from here, really looking forward to receiving them and hope they fit.

  • “you’re soooo lucky, you have no right to complain about a bit of back ache!!!”
    – Ah yes my dear, but you also can walk into ANY SHOP and buy bras for £15. And you don’t have perma-bruises on your shoulders and where your wires sit. And I could go on, but you are still staring at my chest that I CAN NEVER HIDE EVEN WHEN I WANT TO BE MODEST and are clearly not listening.

  • Walking down the street with my partners and a guy looks at my GG cup sized breasts and says” nice jugs baby.” My partner used to get really annoyed at men looking and making comments but now has his own way of dealing with it. He replied “yes and they come with matching cups and my hands fit the handles beautifully.”

  • Can you sleep on your stomach? ::eyeroll::

  • DEFINITELY have heard the “Why don’t u get a breast reduction./Are you going to get a breast reduction?” one MANY times

    Have heard this next one so very many times since my boobs finished growing (they grew from when I was 10 or 11, until I was around 28 years old 😛 ), so very many times that I have lost count:

    “You are SOOOOOOO lucky!!!!!!!! If only I could have boobs as big as yours!!!!!!!”, then I point out the advantages of having small boobs, and I usually hear back: “Nah, none of those are worth not having big boobs!!!!” (& I think: “Wanna bet?!? YOU try having boobs as big as mine [UK cup size K], for only 2 days. You’ll be BEGGING for your small boobs back!!!”)

    P.S. to the above BraStop one about not knowing bras came in cup sizes that big: “Wait. How are your boobs now a size ‘O’ cup (Canada/U.S. bra sizing, if anyone here bothered to make them that big), when I remember you wearing DDD, or F, or H sizes before?” (From my hubby.) My reply matches the BraStop one: “I was usually improperly measured before, even though they said they were measuring properly.” with the addition of: “And when they DID measure me properly, the store people would say things like: ‘Ok, we don’t have ANY bras in that size, So, we’ll put you in a larger band size, to make up the cup size.’ Which is why my bras kept tipping forward; the back always flew up my back.”

    SOOOOOOO grateful for the existence of Curvy Kate (which I found online, by total fluke, about 5 years ago)!!!!!!

    And SOOOOOO grateful for the existence of BraStop (which I found online in June)!!!!! For the first time in 20+ years, I can pay less than Canadian $100 each for my bras!!!!!!!

  • I have never had any comments but, I am very fat.

    I never thought my boobs were that big as I used to get dresses and the bust area was always really baggy on me.
    I was usually buying D/DD (UK) – usually because that was the biggest they did. I am now wearing 40J and I sometimes feel like I am getting quad boob on my bigger one! Quite a difference, huh? No wonder I was always uncomfortable! I bought 6 of the same bra in different colours when I found the 40J comfortable.
    On the other side, I went back and bought the same bra again a few months later, in the same size and the ups were massive on me. So I still have no real clue what size I am!

  • Age 63, tiny back…. big boobies, always been the same, they have survived years of ill fitting and ugly bras and swimwear, now thanks to brastop I can still turn a head in a bikini, just wish I had had the confidence I have now when I was in my 20s, years spent rounding my shoulders to cover up my jolly attractive assets, what a waste! so if you are young and feel shy take my advice and be proud of your shape whatever it is, make the most of yourself every single day, shoulders down and back and face the world with confidence.

  • I get the one when going on holiday .. Im sitting next to her incase the plane crashes . I can share share her parachute .. meaning my bras

    Who sleeps between your pillows love Bet they nice and and bounce back .

    was bottle feeding my granddaughter in park .. some workers shouted Its our Dinner break too . do we get the big teets lol

    There is lots more .. I could write a book on them all llol

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