What Underwear Would Marilyn Monroe Wear Now?

We know how much you all love our Real Celebrity Bra Sizes blog post so we thought we’d start a new series here on the Brastop blog. We’re going to be looking back at some bombshell celebrities, and deciding what underwear they’d be wearing if they were still around today. This week’s pick is the ever so stunning Marilyn Monroe!

She was known for being a total glamour puss, so we’re sure this would be reflected in the types of underwear she’d wear now. We know she loved a high waist brief from images we’ve seen of her and don’t think she’d stray away from this. High waisted briefs have had a real comeback in the past couple of years so it only feels right to stay true to this.

Something satin and gorgeous would get major thumbs up, and the Parfait Charlotte High Waist brief is just perfect:


Lacy and just as beautiful is the Pour Moi Cherish High Waist brief:


A demur evening gown was her go-to so we bet Bye Bra would be a must for her – especially if she still had that iconic halter neck number!

The Gossard Glossies are all about the simple and uncomplicated details, and this new pink shade is pretty unmissable! We think she’d be a mega fan of the glorious shimmery fabric.

One set that gives us a real vintage feel but with a modern edge is the Curvy Kate Vixen. This suits Marilyn’s personality down to a T, especially with the black floral lace over the nude base.


Do you agree or have any other ideas as to what might be her faves now? We’d love to know so drop us a line on our social @brastop! We’d also love to know who you’d like us to feature next! Comment down below with all your suggestions.

Grace x

Image banner credit: onlineonly


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