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We’ve hit ONE MILLION views!!!!

Posted By  on 20 April 2012

Our blooming bra blog and A to Z guide of everything D to K has hit the 1 million page view mark – well more like 1,218,106 to be exact!

To celebrate this busty news we are looking for a new blogger to spice things up… Can you beat that spice to heat things up?

The blog has seen amazing growth in the last year with a mixture of home grown reviews, offers and competitions, supporting D+ women everywhere, and now Brastop is calling on our fans to add some more flavour to our ever expanding website.

Our lingerie hub is bursting with special ‘Feel Fab’ features from Magic FM’s Angie Greaves and reviews from resident bloggers, Becky Mount, Carrie Hunter and lingerie enthusiast Chloe Stanfield.

With the success of the blog and features all working in perfect harmony, Brastop is now looking to grow our busty news, taking on the world of celebrity fashion and lingerie trends. This will make the blog a better, well-rounded source for advice and a cracking read.

The UK hunt will begin this week on the company’s Facebook page for a well-rounded blogger who is creative and not afraid to get down to her best bits.

The house of affordable, top brand lingerie is scouring the web for someone with the knack to entertain readers through their writing skills.

To Enter:

– Each entrant will need to submit a post about themselves, their interest and why they would love to write about lingerie by 29th April to

– The top three blogs will be notified by e-mail and their post will be listed on Brastop’s Facebook page on 1st May for a public vote.

– The winning post will then be announced in true blogging fashion on, 3rd May, where it will be published on all Brastop social media sites.

The winner will be invited to become a resident blogger for Brastop and will WIN a lingerie set for every month of the year…

Good Luck… we look forward to receiving your post!


Prices correct at time of writing, but are subject to change.

For questions and fitting advice, contact us on +44(0) 208 861 1945 or click here to email.
Alternatively, post a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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Sarah said:

Hello my name is Sarah Savino. I’m 5ft, curvy and passionate about a good bra. The reason? Well due to my Italian background I have the latino temper, which used to be envoked when wearing an ill fitting bra. My story starts at the age of 9 where I went fleetingly from breast buds to 32D’s. All I wanted was a trainer bra but I had to get myself the real deal. I got past this and began to love my breasts though in recent years things have changed. My cup size and my body seemed to settle when i hit 28 and I was a very comfortable 28E, and so off I went to the only bra shop in my town that catered for my size and bought a load of bras. Six months later and not all bras worn, i began to feel uncomfortable half way through the day in these new boulder holders…hello quadra boob and goodbye healthy bank balance as off I went to get measured again and re-stock my bra drawer. Needless to say another few months on the same thing happened, i had not put on weight and was not pregnant and but yet it seemed my bust had grown again. I started to dislike them, I could no longer find or afford pretty bra’s to hold them snugly througout my working week. That was until…..I found Brastop. Great bra’s at affordable prices and an introduction to bra Manufacturers I had not heard of before. I now have a healthy stock of bra’s and again love my boobs, and the shape and feel of a good bra.
So, that is why I would like to write for Brastop. To give back and return the favour they have done for my self esteem, shape and pocket :)

bri said:

I was wondering, should you live in the uk to enter this competition?

Friday Favorites | miss underpinnings said:

[…] readers: To celebrate their one millionth view, Brastop is looking for a new blogger! Every month, you would receive and review a lingerie set.  Sounds like a dream job to […]

Kimberly Bartlette (author) said:

Hi Bri,

Yes you have to be living in the UK to enter the competition, sorry but we would like to have ‘Meet Ups’ and it would be unfair for international bloggers who may not be able to come.