Strappy recognition in honour of straps everywhere!

It’s coming up to that time where we will be getting ready to whip out our bikini and vest tops and lay on the grass to indulge ourselves in the glorious sunshine.

There’s nothing like that feeling knowing you no longer have to carry a coat everywhere you go; you feel a sense of freedom knowing it’s just you and the bear essentials.

However for many girls, especially on the bigger side, always have the challenge of wearing vest tops without their straps showing or wearing swimwear that doesn’t have smaller straps.

Although this is understandably annoying for some because they would like the option of wearing something more exciting; we bigger busted girls have to remember we cannot have our cake and eat it too.

Our straps are our secret saviour, they are there giving us constant support when we need them throughout the day and night with very little credit for the work they do.

So what’s the problem with showing them? There are so many different types of straps available in different patterns, colours, sizes and material. We can afford to show them off!



Once upon a time, showing our bra straps were in fashion during the hype of the ‘Sex and City’ era where Carrie Bradshaw always made a fashion statement with her straps! We should be proud to bear our straps as it’s a sign of confidence and support and as a fashion statement too!

This trend of wearing our underwear as outta wear is now remerging into the fashion industry,  just have a look at some of the Topshop collection of Bralet’s (not that it can fit anyone above a D cup but you catch my drift).





We know not all occasions will allow us to show our bra straps (i.e. at work or at a formal do) so for those times when straps will be more acceptable hidden then there’s nothing like a supportive strapless to save the day.

So Remember as summer approaches (slowly – for those living in England) to wear you straps proud because this is what gives you your support throughout the day; and support equals confidence! So what if it shows eh?



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