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Star in a Bra interview: Daisy Hill

Posted By  on 23 March 2010

With just over a week until Star in a Bra competition starts, and here at Brastop we couldn’t be more excited.

Now in our third year, Star in a Bra is dedicated to changing the way we look at models by encouraging members of the public to enter in hope of becoming the new face of Brastop. With an overwhelming amount of interest last year, we have high hopes for this year’s competition.

Following on from our interview with Nadine Kennedy, next up is Daisy Hill, last year’s runner up.

Name: Daisy Hill
Height: 5ft 4in
Bra size: 32f
Dress size: 10

Brastop: Remind us how you got involved in Star in a Bra – what made you decide to post some pictures for the competition?
Daisy: I got involved with Star in a Bra as I was always a fan of the Brastop website. I then saw the competition and wanted to enter but never did as I didn’t realise I would get so far. My friend actually sent in the pictures and then I found out I had made the top 30 – it all went from there.

Brastop:It’s been almost a year since the 2009 Star in a Bra competition started, how has it been for you this past year being a lingerie model?
Daisy:It’s been so fun! The years has gone so quickly and I’ve had great fun working with the team and the other girls.

The Brastop Star in a Bra girlsBrastop:Has it given you a taste for modelling – do you think you would like to model full-time?
Daisy:I would love to model full-time but other than working with Curvy Kate I haven’t pursued it.

Brastop:How have your friends and family been about you entering the competition?
Daisy:They’ve been really supportive. My Mum is very proud of me, and my friends never fail to show encouragement.

Brastop:Have you been recognised in public yet?
Daisy:It’s been strange because a few people have and that’s always weird, but I do love it – it’s great.

Brastop:What’s it like on the photo shoots?
Daisy:Do you find it nerve-wracking or do you just go with the flow?
Daisy:I can remember my first couple of shoots and I was a little nervous, but as time has gone on, the nerves have gone and I just love doing it.

Daisy HillBrastop:Of all the photos so far, which one do you feel captures you the best?
Daisy:I like the one in the pink ‘angel’ bra, in the house, leaning by the doorway.

Brastop:What set has been your favourite to model so far, and what brand has made it to the top of your favourites list?
Daisy:I love all the Showgirl Curvy Kate underwear – it’s a bit fun and younger, so it’s always fun trying on new sets for that.

Brastop:What advice do you have for any girls considering entering the competition this year?
Daisy:I would just say go for it! It’s definitely been worthwhile and an experience I won’t forget.

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