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Flirtelle Sublime bra in black review

Posted By  on 18 January 2012
Flirtelle Sublime Bra

Flirtelle Sublime Bra

Bra: Flirtelle Sublime bra

Flirtelle: Flirtelle is Brastop’s own brand so you won’t find it anywhere else. And they go right up to J cup!!

My size: 30HH

Fit: It’s a very tight-fitting bra, which I love as I feel completely supported in it. It also gives you a naturally sexy shape too.

Colour: It’s a gorgeous black bra and every girl needs a sexy black bra and this is it! It’s got the right mix of luscious lace and a soft satiny feel. I’ve zoomed in on the picture so you can see the detail on the lace better – that’s why I’m headless, in case you wondered!!

Comfort: It is a comfy bra but it can get a little uncomfortable after a while wearing it as it can dig in a little at the sides. If you don’t like your bras tight, you might want to go up a back size in this bra. However, your bra might not last as long if you go up the back size, as bras slacken off when they get a bit older.

Occasion: I think this would be a perfect bra to wear under a little black dress for the Christmas Night Out. It makes you feel very sexy when you know you have this kind of bra on underneath.

Briefs: These pants are really nice. I got the size 12, I would normally be a 10. They are quite a large size 12, however, but I like that as they didn’t dig into my hips.

The Flirtelle Sublime Bra is available on the Brastop website now, for just £9.95!

Prices correct at time of writing, but are subject to change.

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