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Review: Emily Soft Cup Bra by Freya

Posted By  on 27 March 2011

Emily Soft Cup Bra by Freya

Emily Soft Cup Bra by Freya


BraEmily Soft Cup Bra by Freya

Product description: Smooth, soft non-wired cups for a comfortable but still flattering fit. Available in rich carnation orange and decorated with complimenting cream/nude polka dot print, rich lace trims and fold bows to add to the bold look. Adjustable shoulder straps fasten with three hooks at the back for maximum support.

My size: 30HH

Fit: At first I thought this bra was too big for me but I think it’s just because it’s so different to any other bra I’ve ever had as it doesn’t have the wires. It doesn’t give you an uplift at all, it’s extremely natural. It’s not my favourite shape, I like more of an uplifted shape but that’s just my opinion – everyone’s different, aren’t they!

Colour: I really like the colour of this bra. It’s called “Carnation” and it’s a beautiful coral colour. If you know me, then you’ll know that I’m a massive fan of polka dots so I love the pattern for that reason. It’s a very cute bra, the only thing I would change is the secondary colour. I wish it was white rather than a pale beige as I think it would have made it even cuter and made it stand out more.

Comfort: The main feature about this bra is that it doesn’t have those often uncomfortable wires, so it’s very comfortable in that way. Non-wired bras are not so common these days so if you are not a fan of the underwire then this bra is for you. It’s got a nice, strong back band as well so it gives you the support you need to take the weight off you shoulders but still being very comfy at the same time.

Occasion: I, personally, would wear this bra as a comfy, “end of a long day” bra but plenty of women prefer to wear non-wired bras as an every day bra. Another option would be as a “bed bra”. I know a lot of women who find it sore going to bed without a bra on and this would be a great solution as it’s supportive in a very gentle way.

Price: This Emily Soft Cup bra has an RRP of £25 but at it’s only £17.95!!

Prices correct at time of writing, but are subject to change.

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K-Line said:

I own this bra in black and tan and it’s retro adorable (I have the set). The problem is that 3 minutes after I put it on, it smooshes my breasts together big time (the challenge of non wire and large breasts). It’s not a problem under clothing – you can’t see it at all because it’s not too about cup pillowing, just smooshing. But it looks crappy when clothes are not there to cover it up.

I do find it quite uplifting actually and it makes me look slender because the bra pushes breasts entirely forward.

Unfortunately, based on how the cut works with my breast shape, I wouldn’t buy this style again.

PS: I own another soft cup (the iconic Triumph one) and it doesn’t smoosh as it’s far more constructed. It gives better lift, more point and it’s more comfortable than the Freya. It’s also much less cute – unless you’re really working the “authentic retro” vibe in earnest.

michelle b said:

I’d like to try a soft cup, but I’m apprehensive about your review when you say it provides no uplift at all. But then in your picture it’s hard to believe that the bra isn’t providing uplift. Are your boobs naturally that high and shapely without ANYTHING on? If so, I can see why they chose you to model lingerie! lol!

Carrie Hunter (author) said:

Hi Michelle!

Thanks for your comment. You are right, my boobs don’t sit like that with no bra on. What I meant was that it didn’t give me the kind of uplift I go for and prefer.

i.e –

The Emily Soft Cup bra provides the right amount of support but with a very natural shape and like K-Line said above it gives you a bit of a retro pointed look which I don’t normally go for but, again, that’s just me!

If you like that retro style then this is definitely the bra for you!

Carrie :)

Sophia Jenner said:

Hmmm bed bra, that’s such a good idea.
Carrie, you look teeny tiny, have you lost weight? x

Carrie Hunter (author) said:

Hi Sophia!

No, quite the opposite, actually!! Still not lost my Xmas weight and it was my Birthday on Thursday so have been out for several three course meals… very yummy but bad for the tummy!!

I think it’s an illusion as my shoulders are insanely small so that’s maybe why I look smaller!

Carrie :)

Sophia Jenner said:

Well you look gorgeous as usual anyway :) x