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Bratabase – a database of bra sizes compared

Posted By  on 15 February 2010

A few days ago, I found a fascinating website called Bratabase, produced by a young South Amiercan chap, which seeks to help you find the right bra by comparing sizes among other brands or designs, giving you a better idea on what to get or what bra may fit you better.

The basic idea is that you measure your current bra (or bras) and add them to the database, and the bra can instantly be compared to several other bras that are already in the system – thereby providing you with a fairly accurate alternative to your current bra.

It’s actually quite clever, and a very functional, well-designed website.

Hopefully, it’ll take off and build as a useful resource for finding that perfect bra.

Prices correct at time of writing, but are subject to change.

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Becky said:

Ahhh JJ got in touch with us at B4j about this; it's a really good idea. I've been caught out one too many times by brands that mysteriously differ in size…

Chloe said:

Yeah – it's a great idea. I'm just trying to think of a way it can be simplified so that more women post measurements of their bras (and not just their bra sizes). I've gone down a cup size to 32F recently, but some 32FF bras still fit me fine – it would be good to know how they compare to certain 32F bras.

Jj said:

Hi Chloe! thanks for the post! :)

I'm glad you like the idea. If you come up with any ideas or suggestions I'd love to know :)
I'm working almost everyday on adding or fixing stuff

I tried hard to keep a balance between too many measurements and too difficult to take vs asking for the fewest possible information so more people collaborates. It hasn't been easy :S

I'm trying to encourage all bra enthusiast to add their any bra they can get their hands on! (even if they're not theirs) so the site grows and can be actually helpful :)

Dariana Wheeland said:

I recently started using I have over 20 bras that I could add to their data base.I hope they don’t mind that I’m a crossdresser and I wear breast forms.If they do I’ll stop imediatly . I don’t want to waste their time or anybody else’s. I am completely serious about my crossdressing and bra wearing and not some perverted man.